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We support start-ups and growth companies with our know-how, our long experience, our contacts an passion on their way to success.


Bettina Voßberg


Bettina Voßberg is founding member of the association and member of the board since 2010. Being its chairwoman, she is managing the association and taking responsibility for the strategic alignment, always bearing its future in mind.

“Our cooperation with start-ups is exciting, educating and meaningful. I am glad for every young company, which successfully copes with the great challenges awaiting in the early years and manages to establish itself in the market.”

Jörg Schüler

Board Member

Jörg is member of the board since August 2012. As treasurer, he keeps an eye on the finances and supports start-ups with his management experiences.

“Start-ups shall grow and develop successfully. For that, they depend on the right contacts and a founders-friendly environment. Here, HighTech Startbahn makes an important contribution and it´s a matter of the heart for me, to play a part as member of the board.”

Robert Weichert

Board Member

Robert is a founding member of the association and member of the board since 2012. Specialized in communications, he is responsible for all matters of PR and the positive perception by the public and by multipliers. In addition, he brings in new ideas leading to the association´s further development and it´s strategic positioning.

“Entrepreneurship thrives on networking. The HighTech Startbahn builds a bridge between dynamic founders, experienced entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners. This inspiring exchange is what motivates me and inspires me to work actively for the association and its objectives.”

Thomas Schulz

Network Manager

Thomas joined the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. in 2011 as manager in all business related and strategic matters. Furthermore, he takes care of partnerships, develops new events and supports founders with services and contacts. Thomas considers himself commited to the finances – sponsors and service providers that have negotiated with him can tell you a thing or two about it.

“In the last 4 years the high-tech founder’s scene in the region developed very well and I am proud that we have been part of this development. I am looking forward the further advancement and hopefully we can state in a few years: We have been successful in establishing a high-tech founder´s environment which is well-known internationally.”

Alexander Tietze

Network Coordinator

Since March 2012 Alex works for the association and is responsible for the member services. As network coordinator he is regularly in touch with the members and the first contact for all their concerns. Furthermore, Alex organizes the events and is to blame if we are running out of seats available at the “Roadshow” or the “Innovationswerkstatt Wirtschaft”. It is his job to ensure that the events are well attended and that the start-ups can get in touch with ever new and relevant contacts.

“For young entrepreneurs the really hard work starts once the company is founded and the main task is to establish it in the market. It´s a pleasure contributing to that with our daily work – no matter, whether we help in finding new office spaces or attracting investors to successfully close an investment round.”